Solutions Engineer

Sept 2018 - Jan 2020

During my tenure at Epic, I trained and became an expert in EpicCare, Epic's outpatient application. I supported two organizations and was responsible for their success and happiness.

Epic TS act as guides for the organization they represent. We help inform both small and large scale decisions organizations make, from providing the right tools to perform a efficiency optimization to the best strategy to rollout a new department or even healthcare application.

I was also involved in the development and testing of Bones, Epic's application and had the privilege of traveling to three unique organizations to support the installation of Bones.

Education and projects

The University of Texas at Dallas

B.S. Biomedical Engineering

Aug 2014 – May 2018

Biomedical engineers study Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology to engineer devices and materials to fight diesases and improve patient's lives.

The potential that biomedical devices offer to treat diseases drew me to the field. I was especially interested in the brain and how it worked, so I joined the Texas Biomedical Device Center (TxBDC) and helped with research that explored using vagus nerve stimulation for treating various neurological ailments like Stroke, Tinnitus and Spinal Cord Injuries.

Here is a summary of the various projects I worked on across my academic career:

Capstone Engineering project:

Upper arm Orthosis

The aim of this project was to construct an hand orthosis using thermally-actuated artificial "muscles" to assist patients with upper limb motor function.

Our project team included Electrical, Mechanical and Biomedical engineers, each responsible for our respective components. Our team was responsible for describing and modeling the motion of the arm and coding the logic that powered the muscles to move.

Cortisol Measurement:

Wearable device to measure Cortisol in sweat

During my internship at the Texas analog center, I helped develop and research the effectiveness of a wearable monitor to measure the body's Cortisol level from sweat using a sensor that the lab had created.

We published our findings in a paper published in Future Science that can be found here.

Vagus nerve stimulation:

Augment recovery following spinal cord injuries

I helped research the effect of vagus nerve stimulation in improving upper limb motor function in rats following surgically induced spinal and peripheral nerve injuries.

The Texas Biomedical Device center continues to study the benefits of vagus nerve stimulation therapy for various neurological ailments.


Linux and web servers

Linux system administration

The website you're viewing was served by NGINX on a Linode server running Ubuntu. The server also serves as my Linux playground.

I understand the principles behind file, user, network and error log monitoring and management and have used them when setting up the server from scratch.


Programming paradigms

Understanding finite state machines helps me design applications whose states change in a fashion dictated by the system's current state and a set of inputs.

An awareness of time and space complexity lets me write efficient code.

Understanding the pillars of Object-oriented programming and common design patterns helps address recurring problems in my projects. Extensibility and reusability save time, but more importantly, they prevent me from prematurely balding!

Productivity skills

Automation and efficiency

Shell scripts on linux help automate routinely performed tasks and Autohotkey automates and speeds up tasks I perform in a desktop environment.

Regular expressions help me find and replace patterns quickly, and perform input validation efficiently.

Task organization and prioritization

For every task I am assigned, I first clarify the need behind the request with the assigner to make sure my any solutions I propse address the root need.

I then clarify the urgency behind and impact of the request with them.

Finally, I make sure that the task has three things defined at all times:
1) An owner,
2) Next steps,
3) A date we can expect an update by, determined by urgency.