Roshan Manuel

-I like making computers do things!

Here's a match the name with the picture game I created using the Unity game engine. It's what I'm most proud of. The game itself was made on Unity, using C#. It is hosted on a Linode cloud server I setup (the same server this page is hosted on), and is accessible anywhere in the world with a PC and internet connection.


Over the past year, I've amassed a collection of several (OKish) pictures created on Microsoft's Paint app. Here are ten of the best!


I can play piano scales fairly well, but I like the unlimited freedom and potential that computer synthsized tunes offer.

I created these songs at, an online music sequencer made by Jacob Morgan and George Burdell. You should give it a try!

Theme F

My personal favorite! Has a fast electric guitar. I read the book Dinosaur Knights around when I created this and now I associate the song with the book... It's weird.

Theme D

A relaxing melody

Theme C

A Happy, upbeat rhythm